Eight Signs That You Need A Substance Abuse Evaluation

The disease of addiction occurs when a person’s brain and body becomes totally dependent upon the drug or alcohol renew wellness recovery. Although addiction is treatable, prolonged drug or alcohol abuse can cause families to be destroyed, wealthy people bankrupted, and even death. In professional drug rehab centers, the first thing they do to treat an addict is a substance assessment. You or someone that you care about may be in need of a substance abuse evaluation.

1.Isolation : As they become addicted, people who use drugs or drink alcohol begin to distance themselves from other people. The need for a drug high combined with the guilt they might feel is what causes this.

Loss of Interest. Many addicts put their addiction to drugs and alcohol above everything else and begin to lose the interest they had in activities and hobbies they loved.

Money Issues: Many people who are addicted to drugs or alcohol have a lot of money problems. This is because they use all their cash trying to buy drugs.

3.Work Problems: Addicts who use drugs or drink alcohol are more likely to miss work, perform badly on their job duties or even be absent from the office. It is not uncommon for addicts to lose their jobs, leading them further into depression and drug addiction.

Families problems: Many drug and alcohol addicts hurt family members to acquire drugs and get high. It often causes major problems in the family that can be unrepairable.

Addiction to alcohol and drugs can negatively impact health, and in some cases cause death.

Frequent Mood Swaps: Addicts who are addicted to drugs and alcohol will experience frequent mood swings as their addiction advances. When they are high, the addicts will be extremely happy. But when their drug of choice is not available to them, depression or anxiety may set in.

Many addicts get into legal troubles when they abuse drugs or alcohol. Addiction to drugs and alcohol can cause theft, assaults DUIs or even murder.

There are many signs to look out for that indicate that someone close to you is using drugs or drinking alcohol. A substance abuse assessment will be required before professional treatment can start.